New Halo 2 PC Mod Makes the Game Third-Person

GamingBible has revealed that via a PC mod, Halo 2 is now playable in third- person:

“What if you take the first-person perspective out of one of the best first-person shooters ever made? The answer is it becomes the best third-person shooter ever made instead.

Now the camera only changes when you’re holding a weapon, which you’re not doing when you first start the campaigns for both games. Once you eventually pick one up though you’ll see the full effects of the mod.

In a weird way, Halo games lend themselves quite well to third-person, all the vehicle segments shift the camera to third person, and with aim-assist turned on as usual aiming is just as straightforward as it is in the normal game. One benefit is you definitely have more spatial awareness, which is great for when you’re being chased down by an Elite with an energy sword or surrounded by The Flood.”

To read more, including how to download the mod, click HERE.

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