Halo Infinite Has Passed Destiny 2 on Xbox’s Most Played Games List in the U.S.

Per Windows Central:

“The increase in player interest is owed to Season 5: Reckoning, which kicked off last month on October 17. By far, its most exciting addition is the power to create custom PvE experiences by plonking down campaign AI in Forge. On top of that, though, there’s a pair of new Arena maps, fresh Forge canvases and items, the return of the fan-favorite Halo 4 mode Extraction (deploy and protect extraction sites to score points), and more, including Master Chief’s armor as a reward for reaching Hero rank and the ability to earn Battle Pass XP in Custom Games. Oh, and you can finally wear any helmet on any armor core. Let me do that with all my armor, please.

It’s all great stuff, and there’s more coming, too — an official King of the Hill-based PvE Firefight mode is slated to come before the season ends on January 30, as is a shield and vehicle-regenerating equipment piece called the Repair Field. There’s also a pair of “Operation” events, one of which is active from now until December 19 and features 20 tiers of free rewards to earn, as well as a “Halo 3 Refueled” matchmaking playlist with community-made remakes of beloved Halo 3 maps.”

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