Historical archive from the original HaloCollectors.com website and forums…

Updates to this page in progress…

HaloCollectors.com was a Halo fan site that I operated for many years (2007-2015). It started out originally as a forum at Halo2552.com, which was created by my good friend Mark that owns and operates YodasNews.com. It was a place for our group of friends that played Halo together regularly to post news about the game series, plan gaming nights, share swag pics, etc. Since so many of us collected Halo merchandise, the site evolved into the HaloCollectors.com site, with a full blown front page for news, and still accompanied by the original Halo2552 forums. Below is a screenshot of what the forums looked like…

Below are some images of what the front news page looked like on Halo Collectors. I covered news from all corners of the Halo universe, including collectibles, interviews, events, competitions, the games themselves, and various fun stories in the news related to Halo. The Halo Collectors website was featured twice on the old official Halo Waypoint website.

Unfortunately, there was an issue with the website files and backup that led to almost all of the content being lost, including the front page and forums. For a while, I had been mirroring the news stories to a secondary URL I owned called Spartan Swag. I was able to recover some of the images and stories that were posted there, some of which are now slowly but surely being retro-loaded on to this site. See the old banner for Spartan Swag below:

Ultimately, I operated this family of websites because I loved playing the Halo games, from Halo: Combat Evolved through Halo Reach. I even played a lot of Halo 4, despite disliking many things about it. Since the games were so fun to me, I branched out to the associated collectibles, competitions, and more. I won’t mince words… I hated Halo 5. It caused me to lose interest in the series outside the originals that I had enjoyed so much. However, when Infinite came along, my passion for the game was re-ignited. I know that some people still have issues with the game, but FOR ME it is a lot of fun, and has dragged this old fan back to the franchise in a big way (that, and my son playing competitively in some of the HCS majors). Thus, the time I am putting into this website and trying to recover as much content as I can from what was lost.

Sadly, I think the days of internet discussion forums are mostly gone, but there are still places to discuss Halo swag with other collectors. While I am not a fan of most social media, the best place online currently for interacting with other collectors is the Halo Collector Facebook group. It was founded by one of the members from the old HaloCollectors.com forums, Kevin Hurd. For years he has been a huge part of the Halo collecting community and was active in all the old forum groups including the Halo Collectors forum and the old Halo Figure forum, another now-gone site.

Back to this site… I will continue to add features and news stories. Currently I am working on rebuilding the Halo Collectors image guides. Click HERE to view the “work in progess” HaloCollectors.com Image Guides. Some photos are from the original website, and some will be added in the future as well.

In the meantime, thanks for visiting! More to come soon, stay tuned!