Ebay Item of the Week – Week 1: Halo 3 Loose Lot of 30!

Our sister site Yodasnews.com (which is turning 7 years old tomorrow, drop by for a massive giveaway) has been doing a feature every Sunday for the last four years that picks an Ebay item of item of interest and features it on the main page. It may be staff submitted, readers submitted or just something cool they found and we are happy to start that same program here!

Today we feature in our debut edition a lot of loose McFarlane Halo 3 figures that at the time of this posting is at .99 with a single bid! As any collector can see, there are some nice grabs in there! Click here to check it out!

[NOTE: This article is a piece of recovered archive data from the old HaloCollectors.com website. Some links, images, or videos may no longer be available.]

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