UPDATE: CANCELLED! Double EXP Weekend on Halo 3 – 3 Ball!

Want to get some EXP fast? Still need the new Alas, Poor Yorick achievement? If either of these appeal to you then this weekend is just for you! 3 Ball is the double EXP playlist this weekend and runs from tonight until about 2am PST Monday morning. Four teams of three and only 3 oddballs to go around. Time to crack some skulls!

UPDATE From Bungie.Net:
“Due to some necessary processes taking longer than we had anticipated, we were unable to release the January update at the date we had scheduled internally. Unfortunately, that update included this weekend’s Double EXP playlist (originally scheduled to be 3 Ball) and as a result no Double EXP weekend will be available.

Not to worry! The bright side of this little delay is that I can say with confidence that the January update (which includes Social Team DLC, Rumble Pit becoming Legendary-required, and DLC BTB transforming into Social BTB, among other changes) will go live next Tuesday. Further, we’ll forego Legendary Brawl next week for 3 Ball.

We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you all have a lovely weekend.”

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