UNSC Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment

One of my friends Mestizo gave me the heads up on this new item listed on Amazon:

“Begin the Halo Reclaimer saga in style, whenever and wherever with the GAEMS UNSC Vanguard. Designed in collaboration with 343 Industries, the GAEMS UNSC Vanguard is a self-contained Personal Gaming Environment (PGE) that is the perfect complement to a Halo edition Xbox 360. This limited edition exclusive offering from GAEMS features unique UNSC colors and styling giving it a look you could almost imagine being used on the battlefield! The latest model PGE from GAEMS, the Vanguard’s integrated 19″ LED HD display, stereo speakers, and dual headphone jacks will immerse you in Halo or your favorite Xbox 360 game or movie wherever you are. . Storage bags hold your controllers, power supplies, and other accessories . UNSC branded shoulder strap . Removable center badge on the case exterior for future customization . Remote control with UNSC logo’s and styling . Interior case LED lighting . Exclusive Halo 4 sticker sheet featuring Halo4, UNSC, and UNSC Infinity logos .”

I have to say, this item has me pretty excited. The Halo design is awesome, and being able to take the Xbox on the go is always a plus. Click HERE for more pics and the full details.

UPDATE: Click HERE to read an article about the item at Equities Spotlight.

[NOTE: This article is a piece of recovered archive data from the old HaloCollectors.com website. Some links, images, or videos may no longer be available.]

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