The Peter Jackson Halo Movie That Could Have Been… and What Went Wrong

With season 2 of the Paramount Plus Halo TV series looming, Neowin takes a look back at the time when a Peter Jackson directed Halo major motion picture was a real possibility. Those in the know at the time, including Bungie’s Joseph Staten, had very positive things to say about the project:

“How did that draft turn out? Let me put it this way: I wrote the script for both Halo games, but as Alex’s interpretation rumbled from one climax to the next I found myself wondering (sometimes aloud): “Damn! How’s the Chief gonna fight his way outta this?!” Only to follow-up a few pages later with: “Oh man, I can’t wait to see that on screen!” Good stuff.”

Click HERE to read the entire article at Neowin. It covers a variety of interesting tidbits, including the script being delivered to studios by an actor in Master Chief armor, Microsoft demanding a huge piece of the pie, and how Jackson’s WETA company was intended to create the needed props and visuals.

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