The New Halo Trilogy is now a “Saga”

From Joystiq:

“The Halo series’ current Reclaimer Trilogy is now a “saga,” a Microsoft representative confirmed with GameSpot during E3.

“While we originally said trilogy, we’ve actually expanded this to more of a saga, so we don’t want to limit the Reclaimer story within a trilogy,” the representative explained. The Reclaimer Trilogy was originally set to span from 2012′s Halo 4 through the eventual Halo 6.

Xbox head Don Mattrick recently referred to the franchise’s E3 showing as “Halo 5.” Speaking with GameSpot, Microsoft Game Studios corporate VP Phil Spencer declined to say whether the next Halo game will be a fully fledged sequel or a spinoff in the vein of Halo: Reach.

“It is the next Halo game that we are working on,” Spencer told GameSpot. “We will talk more about actually the story arc in the game and how it plays out; we’ve got more time to talk about that.” Whether the next game is Halo 5 or something else, Spencer did note that it will be “a legitimate version of Halo.” ”

Much to-do is being made about this info at various places online, but is it really that unexpected? Halo clearly wasn’t going to end after “Halo 6,” so whatever they decide to call the games doesn’t really matter. Halo is Microsoft’s most important franchise, so it’s never going away.

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