The Most Requested Map Remakes for Halo 4

According to Frank O’Connor in a recent interview with GameSpot, the maps most requested by the community for a return in Halo 4 are The Pit, Valhalla, Lockout, Beaver Creek, Blood Gulch, and Hang ‘Em High. Frankie goes on to say, “Since sprinting is a default command in Halo 4, most of the requested maps might be too cramped. We have one remake of an old map that I can’t reveal yet.”

I posted about Frankie’s “not small” map remake last week, but I was hoping that eventually we’d see a few more classics. From the sound of it though it seems like some of the fan favorites are unlikely to return. In a way that’s good for originality purposes, because if the maps of Halo 4 are awesome some of them are destined to become classics as well.

In the meantime, of you are looking to play some of the classic maps, you’ll have to do so on the classic games (of note: none of the maps most requested are originals from Reach). Also keep in mind that we may eventually see some of the old maps remade on the classic-style playlist that bsangel and other members of 343i have mentioned.

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