The Hunt for the McFarlane White JFO (Walgreens) – Part 1

So with McFarlane Series 6 slowly starting to pop up everywhere, this week I started trying to hunt down the elusive White JFO figure that is exclusive to Walgreens stores. I’m not looking to add this particular figure to my collection, but several of my friends are so I’m on a mission to get as many as I can for them. This figure is expected to be the hardest to find in the new wave, as pharmacies aren’t exactly known for carrying large selections of toys, and distribution is very inconsistent with Walgreens in particular. I started at the first store with few expectations…


The second store was at least a little more promising. There were a couple of Halo items, including some clearance marked Mega Bloks Drop Pods for 50% off. They had one each of the new assortment of four, so I grabbed them all and waited for the return of the manager…

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The manager returned with their planogram book, which showed clear images of the “collector section” that contains the McFarlane figures. When they are released, they will be a single-facing, and will be on the shelved section and not on the pegs. This is of course subject to each store, as they all set up differently and some of them just throw up items anywhere they can fit them, but that is the official way Walgreens has it on their set. The only other Halo item on the planogram was the Mega Bloks Hero Packs, which from the image look to be Series 3.

Another couple of interesting tidbits from the manager… First off, each store may not be carrying the figures. They all receive different items based on the demographics of the shoppers in the area. Also of note is the fact that if they don’t have a place for the figures, they may not even put them out for long periods of time. Another potential problem is that in his planogram book the McFarlane figures didn’t have a price listed, and in the computer when he tried to look them up the description wasn’t accurate for the item. He was a really nice guy and very helpful, but he obviously had no clue about most of what I asked him as far as Halo or toys went.

The third store was an embarrassment, as the toy section was practically non-existent. In fact, the pet toy section was larger than the regular toy section…

So all in all, the search came up dry for the JFO. The good thing is, I did manage to score the four Drop Pods for $6 each so it wasn’t a total waste. Check back in a week or so for part 2 of the JFO hunt!

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