Sgt. Johnson Didn’t Deserve to Die


Sergeant Johnson came in at #8 on the list of 10 Gaming Characters Who Never Deserved To Die by WhatCulture:

“Sergeant Major Johnson is on this list not just because he didn’t deserve to die, but because the method in which he died was not that befitting of a B.A.M.F. like he was.

This man had fought tirelessly to kick massive amounts of alien ass throughout the games, and how did he die, do you ask? Did he go out guns blazing, exhausting all of his ammunition reserves until he finally couldn’t defend himself, collapsing from the sheer number of bullets and plasma rounds that blasted his armor and assaulted him into submission? Nope. Did he go out like a martyr, killing the top baddie in the Covenant in a selfless act that saw him killed, for the sake of the cause? Nope.

Sergeant Major Avery Johnson was killed by 343 Guilty Spark, a small Monitor of Forerunner origin, kills Sgt. Major Johnson in order to prevent the heroes from destroying the massive system of Halo weapons that will exterminate all intelligent life. Although the small A.I. unit is destroyed soon after… this begs the question: how messed up is it that someone can kick that much ass, just to get bumped off by a laser to the back by something that looks like a futuristic lamp? Bungie… what the hell?”

Read more, along with the rest of the top 10 list by clicking HERE.

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