Review: SpruKits Master Chief Model

This review of the Master Chief model kit by SpruKits was originally posted on and its sister site, The archived review can now be seen here. CLICK HERE to see the full review!
SpruKits has obtained the Halo license, and several new model kits have been announced. These model kits don’t require any cutting, gluing, or painting. The pieces snap together easily and snugly. This review will cover the level 2 Master Chief model kit, which consists of 109 pieces. It is based off the character model from Halo 4. The box is standard for a model kit, showing some of the components, and what the finished product should look like. The back shows the difficulty scale, time estimate, and other models in the Halo line.
Inside the box, the plastic pieces all come attached on cards/sheets packed in a plastic bag. The instruction poster folds out and has a diagram showing where all the parts are on the plastic cards, and has detailed instructions on how to assemble the model. Each section of the body (arms, legs, torso, head) is build separately, then all the pieces are assembled together at the end to create the final build. The instructions recommend punching each piece out as you need it, because they are all numbered on the plastic cards for identification. I followed this recommendation for the first half of the build, and for the second half I tried punching out all the pieces for each step at the beginning of the step. Having tried it both ways, I can say that doing it the recommended way works better because some of the parts are pretty small, and some are mirror images of each other. It’s much easier to punch out the one or two pieces you need than it is to try to go through a small pile to locate them.
When completed, the model has a good amount of articulation. It can be posed in a variety of ways, and remains stable. The interchangeable weapons include an Assault Rifle and Magnum. There is also a base stand that can be used if desired.
This model kit is well worth the retail price. It can be found at various online retailers for a reasonable $24-30 range. I look forward to seeing some of the larger sets as well, since this set is very detailed for the number of pieces it contains. It was fun putting together, and is great for a small display around the house or at work. Special thanks to SpruKits/Bandai for providing the product for review.
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