Review: One2One Master Chief Bust

The One2One Master Chief 1:2 Scale Bust was released in 2010. It was one of the 3 busts released by One2One before they went out of business. To date it still stands as one of the best Halo busts produced in my opinion, and it has all but dried up even on the secondary market and is difficult to find. This review is a reprint of the one I published for my previous news site, CLICK HERE to read the review and see more images!

I thought about a longer review for this product, but since it is a repaint of the blue Spartan bust from One2One that I already reviewed, much of what would be said would be very repetitive. Instead, I’ve elected to comment on the differences I’ve noticed between the two busts and opt for a shorter review style.

The first difference that the discerning eye will notice is that this bust isn’t packed with foam padding around the gold plated section of the base and the visor. I’m not sure if it was an omission on this bust alone, or on the whole Master Chief run, but in all honesty I don’t think it really affects the safety of the item in any way. The only other difference I saw in the packing is one that you can’t really see in the picures. The authenticity card for this bust had a plastic sleeve that it was inserted in, while the one that was included with the blue Spartan did not. Not a big deal either way, but it was a nice addition.

Another difference is obviously the edition size. The Master Chief bust clocks in with an edition size of 350, while the blue and red Spartans are set at 250 each. It is hard for me to say which of the three will be more in demand down the road, because while the multiplayer part of the game is the most popular component, the Chief himself is the character that most people identify first when they think of HALO. As the main character, the demand for this one long term may be high, especially if the line is successful and continues far down the road (and we hope it does!).

As for the likeness of Master Chief himself, it is reasonably close to the character. There are a few differences you may notice if you are very nitpicky, such as the scale of the helmet if you are looking at it straight on, or the specific battle damage that is on his armor in several promotional pictures. It is important to note, however, that other high-end collectibles from other companies are the same in comparison. The likeness is close enough that it does look like Master Chief, and the casual observer will think “Hey, that’s Master Chief!,” and not “Oh man, the middle of that helmet is a little thin.” In the end, these busts (and other high end items) are ultimately works of art, and not replicas. As such, this bust is a great addition to any Halo fan’s collection.

If you want to read more comments on packaging, see comparison photos with other collectible lines, and see additional pictures, be sure to CLICK HERE to read my full review of the One2One Blue Spartan bust! In the meantime, enjoy the photos below!

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