Reach Matchmaking March Updates Coming Soon

In today’s issue of the Halo Bulletin, bs angel revealed a list of changes coming soon for the March playlist update:

– Team Heavies being added to Big Team
– Evade is being removed from all Spartan loadouts (except Grifball)
– Team Slayer will remain the same settings, while a new playlist (Super Slayer) will use the TU settings
– New Grifball maps
– Community Infection Maps
– Anniversary Squad and Squad Slayer retired
– Team Objective moved to 5 vs 5
– Bleedthrough removed from TU

CLICK HERE to read the Bulletin in its entirety.

Sounds like some great changes overall! I’m a little sad about bleedthrough being yanked, but I’m glad TU slayer will have its own playlist now, and I’m THRILLED they are taking Evade away from Spartans! Woot!

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