Pics and Details of McFarlane Series 5 2-Packs and Armor Packs!

Once again, forum member wiiwhitey is the first to bring information and pictures on upcoming McFarlane figs to our forums! This time, he has the scoop on the upcoming series 5 2-packs, including Armor Packs!

Covenant Spec Ops 2-Pack: Active Camo Elite Spec Ops w/ Energy Sword & Plasma Grenade and Grunt Spec Ops w/ Fuel Rod Cannon & Plasma Grenade.

Rust CQB Armor Pack: CQB helmet, two UA/Multi-Threat shoulders, UA/Multi-Threat chest, and default knee guards. Additional armor sets are Security (Security helmet and shoulder, Base Security shoulder, and UA/Base Security chest), Operator (helmet, two shoulders, and HP/Parafoil chest), and Mark V (helmet, two shoulders, and a UA/Counter Assault chest). Plus an extra Operator helmet.

Steel CQB Armor Pack: Same as above just in Steel color.

Sage Gungnir Armor Pack: Gungnir helmet, two Gungnir shoulders, default chest, and Gungnir knee guards. Additional armor sets are Recon (helmet, two shoulders, and Tactical/Recon chest), JFO (helmet, two shoulders, and HP/HALO chest), and Hazop (helmet, two shoulders, and two Jump Jet shoulders). Plus and extra EOD helmet.

Steel Gungnir Armor Pack: Same as above just in Steel color.

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