New Halo Anniversary MULTIPLAYER Achievements Announced

The multiplayer achievements for Halo Anniversary have been announced in the Halo Bulletin!:

Top Shot – Get 3 headshot kills in a row in a matchmade game. 50 points

Emergency Room – Infect 3 players in a single round in a matchmade Infection game. 15 points

Stick it to the Man! – Stick and kill the flag carrier with a Plasma Grenade in a matchmade game. 20 points

Dive Bomber – Perform a Beat Down on an enemy player while using the Jetpack during a matchmade game. 50 points

License to Kill – Run over 5 people with a Ghost in a matchmade game. 15 points

Bounty Hunter – Capture 10 skulls at once in a matchmade Headhunter game. 75 points

From Hell’s Heart – Kill an enemy player that sticks you with a Plasma Grenade with their own grenade in a matchmade game. 25 points

CLICK HERE to read the Halo Bulletin for this week in full, and to see the Campaign achievements that were announced last week, CLICK HERE!

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