Instinct Wins 2011 Halo Reach Championship

From MLG:

“Congratulations to Roy, Lunchbox, Pistola and Ogre2 of team Instinct on their National Championship victory! This is their third tournament win of the season and it could not have come at a better time. Instinct responded perfectly following a disappointing fifth-place finish in MLG Orlando. Their emphatic response has earned them the title of 2011 National Champions and a saucy $100,000 check. And while we’re here, let’s not forget a special shout out to Ogre 2 for securing a record fifth National Championship. Congratulations again to team Instinct, 2011 National Champions of the MLG Pro Circuit!”

CLICK HERE to view the post-tournament interview.

[NOTE: This article is a piece of recovered archive data from the old website. Some links, images, or videos may no longer be available.]

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