Halo 4 Champions DLC Bundle Coming 8/20, Includes Map Remake of The Pit

From VG247:

“At the Rooster Teeth Expo in Texas this weekend 343 announced new downloadable content for Halo 4, which consists of a few different items that you can buy individually or in what is called the Champions Bundle. This content will hit August 20.

There are three packages in the Champions Bundle: the Infinity Armour Pack, which contains three armor skins; the Steel Skins pack, which converts various weapons into steampunk-esque contraptions; and the Bullseye pack, which includes two new multiplayer maps and a new spin on Gravball called Ricochet which allows you to throw the ball into the goal for points as well as carrying it in. One of the new maps, dubbed Pitfall, is a remake of the Halo 3 map The Pit, updated for a new day. The other, Vertigo, features some player-triggered environmental hazards like floors that can be electricized.

Ricochet will only be a part of the bundle for the first two weeks it’s out, and then after that it will be free for everyone. The bundle, by the way, will costs 800 Microsoft points, and separately the maps are 480 points while the cosmetic packs are 240 points each. If you wanna see this stuff in action, you can watch a whole bunch of gameplay on Twitch.”

At long last, we get a solid Halo 3 map remake! That will be worth the price of the bundle alone. Not to mention some of the classic armor returning.

[NOTE: This article is a piece of recovered archive data from the old HaloCollectors.com website. Some links, images, or videos may no longer be available.]

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