Cliffs Notes for the Halo Expanded Universe

The Halo franchise has branched out from just being a game series to now having a rich “expanded universe.” Since 343 Industries took over the care of all things Halo, several novels have been written that supplement the fiction that the games laid the foundation for. Though someone that hasn’t read any of these books will still be able to follow the Halo 4 story with no problems, 343i has stated that there will be a few fun things to look out for by those that have read the stories.

The novels are all great reads and include some best-sellers, but not everyone has the time to read on a regular basis. If that statement describes you, there is still a way to catch up on some of the main plot points from the Halo expanded universe. Below this paragraph is a link that summarizes some of the story from two of the most pertinent novels to Halo 4. Keep in mind that it contains spoilers from the novels (but NOT from the Halo 4 campaign), so if you ever want to read them and be surprised, you shouldn’t click it. You have been warned.

Click HERE to read the plot bullet points from the Halo novels at Stick Skills.

[NOTE: This article is a piece of recovered archive data from the old website. Some links, images, or videos may no longer be available.]

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