“Halo 5″ Rumors Abound

idigitaltimes.com has a fun article about some new Halo 5 (or whatever you want to call the next Halo game for now) rumors. An anonymous person claiming to work for 343i has made a post and included a lot of info about the upcoming XBox One game. Keep in mind that more likely than not this is all bogus info. The only reason I’m even posting about it is that I think some of the ideas are good ones, and there’s a lack of any official info to enjoy at the moment. So here we go:

– Open world
– Master Chief has a ship to visit planets/missions in any order the player wishes
– Player will search for loot and armor upgrades to use (also to use in multilayer)

– Split into 2 sections
– One section is for regular 4-16 player games and is similar to the older games with no loadouts, armor abilities, etc.
– Second section will be large scale up to 64 players and will include armor abilities, loadouts, and such

Click HERE to read the full article. Like I said, most likely a fake, but hey, it actually sounds great to me.

[NOTE: This article is a piece of recovered archive data from the old HaloCollectors.com website. Some links, images, or videos may no longer be available.]

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